Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 is almost here! I can’t believe how time flies. Hoping for a nice quiet holiday with my family and friends. Got my tree up and getting the house ready for our new addition, Bettie Jean. She should be here this week, hopefully. I am so excited! We went to Madison, IN and picked up the frame. Thank you Billy, for all your help! I don’t know what I would do without you. Carmela and I took the U-Haul back and dropped it off. That thing was HUGE.. Don’t think I’ve ever driven anything like that and of course my bestie had to take a pic. Will post that later. Here is one of our tree. I think she turned out quite beautiful. Prettiest one we have had since Christmas 2011. We lost Devin in August of 2012 and I could barely make it through, much less decorate my home. Devin loved Christmas, so I try to feel him with me as I go through the next couple of weeks. As long as my kids are with me and my Billy, I will make it and it’s nice to know that now.

My heart breaks for all of the grieving parents who have lost a piece of themselves to death and are trying to find their way to live on. Wrap your arms around them all and their families, dear Lord and let them know you are near them all to love and care for them as they face the hardest journey of their lives. Amen

God Bless us all,