My Sewing Room

Here we go.. Looking forward to getting my new (to me) Fusion Longarm quilting machine.. Billy is working very hard to get my sewing room all freshly painted and looking good for her new home. Thinking I may name her Bettie Jean. In honor of my mom and my sweet aunt Bettie. We shall see if it sticks. ūüôā

Really excited about starting some new chapters in my life. With my guardian angels by my side, I am moving forward and so looking forward to making progress with something I love to do so much. I have had lots of inspiration lately, coming from everywhere. Thank you Mrs. Harriet Carpanini for giving me first chance on your fantastic machine! Here is a pic of our first meeting. So exciting! I can’t wait to bring her home.

Bettie Jean and I Dec 2014

Quilts for Devin

I think I will start a new quilt today. I’m thinking a fall quilt would be nice. Devin loved the idea of me making quilts. He was so excited about the fact that I would be able to make a quilt for him. In fact, my very first quilt was made for him, but sadly he passed away before I could even start on it. I had been collecting fabrics in Americana, just as he had requested his quilt to be made of. I finished the piecing at¬† “HollyHock’s Quilt Retreat”¬†at Rough River, KY¬†in February of 2013. The following year, in 2014, it won¬†1st place in the quilt show, at the very same retreat.¬†It was very¬†comforting to hope, that maybe….just maybe, he¬†could see all the love¬†I put into making¬†this simple little¬†quilt,¬†that was¬†made just for him.¬†It’s finished now, quilting and all¬†and will eventually be given to Dustin.¬†I see this quilt every day, as it hangs in my living room. It will always be a symbol of love and loss, and¬†the most beautiful and meaningful¬†one to me.

Here is my Devin quilt: This is a pattern from Primitive Gatherings.


I’ve decided to use¬†Primitive Gatherings fabric for¬†my fall quilt project. It’s my intention to begin a new quilt very year. We shall see.‚ô•¬†¬†

I've decided this fabric will make something lovely.

Happy Birthday, Devin. ‚ô•

Devin 2011
Beautiful Dream
Beautiful eyes that shone so bright
Eyes that danced like flickering light
A beautiful soul no longer here
The need and longing to have you near
My tears come down like the pouring rain
There is no way to hide my pain
All I have left is a memory
And the hope that I’ll see you in a beautiful dream
written by me
Today you would be 32. You cannot even imagine how we miss you. Rest easy my sweet son.
Mom and Dustin